The Elements (2)

Author’s note: all elemental characters are loosely based on the drawings from Kaycie, viewable at


Beryllium, a young girl in her early teens with green skin, is a rambunctious student at a private school on the East Coast of the United States.  Aside from her green skin, she appears quite normal, and is loud and outgoing in the classroom and among her friends.  She is loyal and unafraid of competition, and is always willing to take a stand for what she believes is right.

In one instance, when the school was stormed by a group of masked terrorists, Beryllium demonstrated incredible strength, ripping off doors and punching through walls to attack her antagonists.  Her skin also became hard and crystalline, reflecting small arms fire, and she was able to materialize crystal projectiles.  More extensive study is needed to determine the extent of her awakened powers.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 5 (under investigation)


A disillusioned chemist working in New Delhi, Boron’s avatar was not identified until, after losing an important grant proposal, he burned down most of the laboratory with intense green flames.  Since the incident, he has found work in another lab, and has never been officially linked to the incident.  He is morose and detached in an everyday setting – further surveillance necessary.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 5


The location of Carbon’s avatar, an ever-shifting female figure, is currently unknown.  She was last spotted in the Pacific; given her tendency to inhabit caves and other underground structures, she is believed to be somewhere on the islands of Hawaii.  Capable of shifting her chemical structure between different elemental forms, she does not exert her influence unless attacked or threatened.  When awoken, however, she has demonstrated devastating power through manipulation of her element.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 8

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