About Me

Ever since I started tracing letters in a box of sand and struggling to make my way through books with cardboard pages, I have wanted to be a writer.  I always pictured myself sitting outside a cafe downtown, in the middle of a giant city, with my laptop open on the table in front of me, a warm cup of coffee, and the inspiration flowing into my brain from the common masses streaming around me.

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t seem to quite work that way.  I didn’t major in English – my father had majored in English, and he claims it was a terrible decision.  (“The only job you can get with an English degree is to teach other people how to get English degrees!  It’s one of those Ponzi schemes!”).  Instead, I picked up a degree in the biological sciences and dropped my fantasy novels for anatomy textbooks.

However, that eternal spirit always manages to rise inside me every now and then, like a phoenix from the ashes of its former shell.  What a cliched metaphor.  But in any case, I am young, next to broke, and going to try my hand at writing a blog.  Please, read along.  Comment.  Tell me if some thought or story idea sparks a thrill of images in your mind.  Compliment me on a well-performed turn of phrase.  Point out grammatical mistakes if you must.  Some of these are sentence fragments, I know.


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