The Elements (1)

Author’s note: all elemental characters are loosely based on the drawings from Kaycie, viewable at


Unlike most of the elemental avatars, Hydrogen chooses not to take a full-size humanoid form.  Instead, she can be found flitting about in the upper atmosphere, although her small size, roughly that of a mouse, makes her nearly impossible to locate.

Hydrogen chooses not to pay much attention to human affairs, and is almost always in a pleasant mood.  However, when angered, she is capable of generating explosions, violently ripping apart any who try to cage her.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 2


Helium’s avatar resembles a young, slight man.  He spends most of his time hidden in a temple in southwest China, floating in a meditative trance state.  He chooses not to interfere in human affairs, and passively ignores most attempts at communication.  His temple can only be found by those he allows to discover it.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 1


Often found passing the time on the mass transitways of major cities, including New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, Lithium’s avatar is a young woman, wearing a pair of oversized headphones and dressed in dark colors.  She immerses herself in her music, ignoring most attempts at conversation.  However, when accosted, she responds swiftly with her considerable hand-to-hand combat skills.  She is well versed in martial arts, and carries a hidden dagger on her person.

Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 4

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