The Elements (3)

Author’s note: all elemental characters are loosely based on the drawings from Kaycie, viewable at

Nitrogen & Oxygen

According to reports, Nitrogen and Oxygen both exist, not as singular avatars, but as pairs of twins.  While the Oxygen twins are identical, and always dwell together, the Nitrogen twins are different and are usually found apart.  
One of the two Nitrogen sisters has dark hair, while the other has light, almost silver, hair.  Both sisters dwell in London, but the dark-haired sister dwells somewhere in the undercity, while the light-haired sister seems to be a member of the upper society.  The light-haired sister makes common appearances at many high society balls and gatherings, and is pleasant and charming by all accounts.  The dark-haired sister, however, has been tentatively linked to several mysterious deaths, all from suffocation.
As for the Oxygen twins, they travel often, preferring to stay within the tropical zone, often at expensive resorts.  They appear happy and are not linked to any violent outbreaks.
Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 7 (Nitrogen), 1 (Oxygen)


Fluorine’s avatar resembles a yellow-eyed monk in a bright orange robe, who dwells within the Karkar volcano off the coast of New Guinea.  It is believed that the majority of the volcano’s frequent and violent eruptions are due to outbursts by Fluorine.  Little else is known about the avatar, due to difficulty in gathering intel.  Although he seems content to remain within the caldera of Karkar, he is considered extremely dangerous.
Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 9


Neon is a teenager dwelling in downtown Los Angeles.  Although he is believed to be associated with some of the gangs in the area, he has not been linked to any violent crimes or attacks.  Reports suggest that, similar to his element, he is able to produce a red-orange glow at will or when given an electrical shock.  He uses this ability to provide illumination when spraying graffiti at night.
Rutherford Institute Threat Level: 3

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