The Lizard King, Act II

Act I.

Curtain rises on a restaurant table for four.  JACK and KENDRICK, tall, blonde, pretty, are seated. They look bored and uncomfortable.  

KENDRICK: Jack, I just never feel like you do anything romantic for me any more.  It’s hard to know whether you care or not.

JACK: Look, let’s talk about this some other time.  Franco and his date are finally here.

FRANCO and SUZETTE enter.  SUZETTE is short, busty, straight dark hair in a bun, as CORKSCREW described.

FRANCO: Hey, sorry we’re late.

JACK: That’s kind of your thing – we know.

FRANCO and SUZETTE sit down.  A waiter brings them their menus.

KENDRICK: So, how did the two of you meet?

SUZETTE: Oh, it was so romantic!  Franco got up and gave me his seat on the subway – he was so gallant!

KENDRICK: That does sound romantic.  She shoots a pointed look at JACK, who rolls his eyes.

SUZETTE: And then he asked me to dinner, and a movie back at his place afterwards!

JACK: Oh?  A movie at our place?

SUZETTE: Your place?  No, Franco’s place.

FRANCO embarrassed: Jack, I’m going to the bathroom.  Maybe you could join me?

JACK: What?  No!

FRANCO kicks JACK under the table, audibly.  JACK muffles a curse.

JACK: Sure, I’ll go to the bathroom with you.  He stands up and limps after FRANCO to the side of the stage.

FRANCO: Yeah, I meant to talk to you about this before, but we got here late.  Do you think you and Kendrick could go someplace else after dinner, maybe give us a few hours at the apartment?

JACK: I hate when you don’t ask me about stuff like this!  You’re totally imposing-

FRANCO interrupting: Look, the two of you were going to go back, sit on the couch and watch TV for a while, and then go to bed.  It’s all you ever do.  Kendrick’s right – you do need to get out of the rut!

JACK: So what am I supposed to do?

FRANCO: Actually, why don’t you take her to that new costume shop, that opened up on 29th?  It’s supposed to be really fun.  Maybe you can find a cop costume, or some handcuffs, something to spice up your activities later tonight?

He winks and elbows JACK.

JACK: Fine.  We’ll try it.  But we’re coming back by eleven sharp, so you better have cleared out of the living room by then.

JACK and FRANCO return to the dinner table.

KENDRICK: So, what’s the plan for tonight?

JACK: Well, I was thinking we could go check out this new place I’ve heard about after dinner.  Do something different, instead of just going back and watching TV.

KENDRICK nods approvingly, reserved but approving.

FRANCO to SUZETTE: And the two of us can go back and watch a movie!  If it’s scary, you can totally cling to me for support.

JACK: Maybe the two of you should watch “Lizard Boy”, or “Godzilla”!

SUZETTE squirms at the titles.  

SUZETTE: I’m actually not a big fan of reptiles . . . she drags off into silence, staring blankly.

FRANCO: I was thinking of “Pitch Perfect.”

SUZETTE snapping out of her trance: That sounds good!

Curtain closes, END ACT II.

Act III.

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