Angels planning post (behind the scenes, novel 1)

One of my goals for 2015: Write 3 novels.

One of these novels will be in November for NaNoWriMo.

Given as how I will be totally burned out by December, however, the other two will have to come out earlier.  Fortunately, since November is the eleventh month, this still gives me five months per novel,, as long as I also spend a bit of time fleshing out the outline for NNWM.

Novel 1?  I’ve always wanted to publish all of my stories about angels; selfishly, I believe that these stories include some of my better writing, as well as a few rare moments when my humor actually seems to work.

I even have a cover in mind (not that I’m sharing that yet!).

The issue, however, is that most of these stories are quite disconnected.  Here are the stories that I have so far, in reverse order:

  1. Tough Love – a man on a blind date instead meets his guardian angel, who turns out to be a bit of an asshole.
  2. Do Computers Speak to Angels? – an angel tries to bring a computer into a coffee shop.  It doesn’t work.
  3. D’oops’day – the Apocalypse was supposed to be yesterday.  Fortunately, no one remembered.
  4. Hell’s IT (2 posts) – turns out devils aren’t so good with technology either.
  5. Lucifer’s Gift (3 posts) – a dream in which the devil appears to hand out the apple of sin.  It doesn’t end up going quite as planned.
  6. Welcome to Heaven!  Now What (unfinished) – Heaven turns out to be rather dull.
  7. Blake Meets Ophiel (Ophiel series) – short excerpt of a human meeting an angel.
  8. Blake and Lucifer Have Dinner – segment where human (from #7, above) has dinner with Lucifer.
  9. Guarding the Borders of Heaven – Angels are vigilant border guards.
  10. The Vault Theft – chapter 1 of an earlier attempt at this novel that I abandoned.
  11. Ambition (2 posts) – a devil steals a man’s ambition, and dares an angel to figure out what’s missing.
  12. Azrael & Mephistopheles (2 posts) – the yearly meeting of an archangel and devil.
  13. In A Perfect World… – a guardian angel explains why the “perfect world” didn’t work.
  14. Cold Blooded Humans? – a guardian angel (#13) points out that cold-blooded humans were an early experiment.
  15. The Angel On the Train (2 posts) – everyone has bad days – even angels.
  16. Barista To The Angels (2 posts) – a coffee shop begins getting unexpected visitors.
  17. Heavenly Grounds – initial write, narrator interjecting with history, of #16.
  18. The Angel at the Press Conference – Fear not!  God exists, he’s just off somewhere on vacation!  Probably.
  19. Mis-Filing Has Serious Consequences… (2 posts, unconcluded) – an angel and a devil chase after a stolen tablet.
  20. Calcifer on Karma (2 posts) – Calcifer explains how karma works.
  21. The Roman Army Upgrade – Calcifer tries to teach the Romans to ride a bike.
  22. Calcifer’s Intrusion (2 posts) – Calcifer’s favorite coffee shop is invaded by an angel!  This is his space!
  23. Calcifer’s Haunt (2 posts) – Calcifer proves that he’s a devil to coffee shop girl.
  24. Soul Harvesting Difficulties – a reaper demon pops up in a supermarket, determined to gather souls.  The visitors are determined to mow him down with carts to get to their deals.
  25. Lucern’s Little Whoopsie (2 posts) – Lucern misses one teeny, tiny little asteroid.  No big deal.
  26. The Coffee Shop of Vice and Iniquity – the post that started it all!  Is a soul worth a grande latte?
26 posts, with lots of raw material.  Now, to organize it into some semblance of a story.  That’s the challenge…

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