On lateness, and the end of the year

Okay, okay, settle down.  Let’s have a nice, easy press conference, okay?  God, my head is still killing me.  That’s off the record.  Don’t write that down.

Okay, you.  Go.

“Sir, where was the post scheduled for Monday?”

Right.  I’ll be honest with you, here.  I’m on vacation for the end of the year, so I left it off until Sunday or so.  I was going to write a post on Sunday evening – even had the idea all planned out – and then I felt a queasiness starting in my gut.

Long story short, let’s just say that I should probably lay off the homemade Hollandaise sauce for a while.  You get me?

Salmonella.  Nausea, vomiting, spewing liquid out of both ends at once.  Really not a pleasant time.  Nothing like sitting on the john, pants around your ankles, clutching a garbage can to your chest as you try and catch all of the-

-well, it was pretty bad.  I’ll leave it at that.  Next question.

“If this is Wednesday’s post, isn’t this a bit of a cop-out?”

Yeah, I suppose so, but hey, I just had food poisoning.  Suck it.

Besides, there will probably be one up for Friday.  Maybe.  Aren’t you lot supposed to be off visiting friends and family, enjoying yourselves, instead of harping on a blog?

“What’s in store for next year, sir?  And I love your work, by the way!”

Thank you!  Those are some kind words, imaginary reporter I’m voicing.

This next year will hold a few changes for Missing Brains!  I’m looking to do the following:

1. Complete the 52 book challenge – that is, read 52 books a year!  That comes down to one a week.  And to keep myself motivated on that, Monday’s post will often be a short review of one of the recently completed books.

2. Not only do I want to write more Angels posts, but I’m going to be shaping them together into a collection!  Expect to see more stories, including some with a unifying arc that connects the different stories together.  Coming soon to Amazon!

3. Plenty of posts about science fiction!

So stay tuned, as this blog enters its SECOND FULL YEAR of existence, providing mostly regular updates, assuming I don’t get poisoned again!

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