The Superhero Date, Part I

It had started off as a relatively good day, I reflected ruefully, as I stared out through the windshield of my car at the unmoving bumper in front of me, the red of their brake lights shining back at me.  I had woken up on time for once, had resisted the seductive urge to press the snooze button, and had crawled out of my snug little one-person cocoon of blankets and gotten dressed for work.  I was going to make it in on time – or at least, I had thought I would.  I hadn’t managed to foresee this traffic jam, however.

I caught a glimpse of something in my rear mirror.  It looked as though something was speeding towards me, moving so fast that a plume of smoke was being thrown up behind it!  And it was headed right towards me!
With a loud whoosh, the object shot over my car, only inches above my hood.  A second later, the wave of dust and dirt washed over my car.  The rattle as the tiny bits of grit and rock bounced off my vehicle, surely managing to further scuff my paint-job, was briefly covered up by the dull and echoing thud of the sonic 
boom.  I grabbed onto my wheel with both hands as my car rocked back and forth from the pressure wave.
“Asshole!” I shouted ineffectually, waving one fist at the asshole in the cape and tights as he speeded towards downtown, blissfully above the sea of angry drivers who hadn’t been quite as genetically lucky.
Oh yeah, I should probably mention.  I live in a world with superheroes.  And god, I hate it.
I was still grumbling as I walked into the gigantic office building, where the desk I called my own was located, twelve floors up.  Other workers flitted all around me – none with their feet leaving the ground, however.  No superheroes here, of course.  Those that exposed their true identities would almost invariably land rich book deals, TV guest appearances, and other perks of being a celebrity.  For those with lesser powers, they did their best to keep them secret, not telling anyone.  For some people, the genetic lottery had paid out.  For the rest of us, we could do nothing but sit back and watch with envy.
With my mind preoccupied, I wasn’t watching where I was going, and suddenly, I felt myself run into something squishy but unmoving.  Before I could catch myself, I fell backwards, landing on the stone floor with a hard thud.  
“Ow!” I said aloud.  “Gosh, you really should be looking where you’re-” But my words cut off as my gaze rose up from where I had landed.
Long, tapered legs, accentuated by a tight pencil skirt and nylons.  A tight, fitted blouse, showing off a perfect hourglass figure.  A fully covered but still prominent bust, which is what I guessed that I had collided with.  Waves of long, platinum blonde hair, framing a face that could make angels weep.  And behind a pair of thick-rimmed black plastic glasses, brilliant blue eyes looked down at me with surprise.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” the angel above me cried out in melodious tones.  A beautiful, delicate hand extended down towards me.  “I totally wasn’t looking where I was going.  Are you all right?”
To be continued!

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