How Did You Meet?

I like writing these.  Some are true, some are fiction.  Some are me, some are other people.  Which are which?  Who’s to say?  The previous batch can be found here.

You two are so cute together!  How did you guys meet?

“Probably about the most exotic place possible – we met in Israel!”

“Yeah, he was in another Birthright group, visiting the same places as us at the same time, so we kept on seeing each other at the hotels at night.”

“I invited her to a party in one of our rooms the second night, and since she was the only person from her group who wanted to come, I talked with her all night so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable or out of place.  After that, well, I just really wanted to keep talking to her!”

“At each of the hotels, we would meet up in the evenings and talk for the whole night.”

“I really wanted to make a move on her, but I was totally afraid of being shot down.”

“I was kind of hoping that he would make a move . . .”

“And I did!  She wasn’t sure at first, but I’m so glad I didn’t let the moment slip away!”

So, how did you two find each other?

“It’s kind of a funny story!  First off, it turns out that I lived just down the street from her grandparents, and so we were good friends while we were growing up.”

“Yeah, and early on I actually dated one of his buddies, who turned out to be his distant cousin!  So, small world.”

“But the two of us didn’t really connect until after college, when we were both on this week-long mission trip down to do charity stuff in New Orleans.”

“Yeah, and she was kind of going crazy!  I mean, we both were.  We were all staying in this church, and couldn’t really get up to much trouble there.”

“Once we got back home, though, I pounced on him!”

I never would have pegged you two as a couple!  How did that happen?

“First, thanks for the vote of confidence, I guess?  We actually met online, though.”

“Yeah, I had made a profile on this site because a friend wanted me to join her, but I wasn’t expecting much. The internet’s full of creeps, you know, and I definitely got some weird messages.  But that made his stand out all the more, because it was so nice and normal!”

“We actually chatted back and forth for nearly a month before we met in person, in part because I was on vacation.  But then I got back into the same city, and we started hanging out in person!”

“The first few times were pretty cautious, because, you know, I’ve seen Catfish, and still wasn’t 100 percent confident he wasn’t lying about himself.  But no, he’s one of those rare people on the Internet who tells the truth!”

“And I haven’t murdered her yet!”

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