How Did You Meet?

So, how did you meet?

“It actually started off really poorly!  I turned around after getting my coffee in a Starbucks, and she was right there.  We totally collided and my coffee went all over her dress.”

“Of course, he was in total panic mode.  He’s grabbing for napkins and basically rubbing my crotch, while a constant stream of ‘sorry’ is coming out of his mouth.”

“It took me a good minute to realize that I was basically sexually assaulting her.  Man, was I red!  It wasn’t until I looked up at her that I realized how pretty she was, somewhere through the panic.  So I gave her my number and promised to pay for her dry cleaning.  I still can’t believe she called!”

“Sometimes, I don’t know why I did.  But he was so cute when he was flustered like that!”

How did you meet?

“Normally I don’t talk to people in the dining hall; that’s why I bring my book.  But this girl sat down right across from me, and she was really cute!  It also helped that she was wearing a very low-cut shirt…”

“Hush, you.  He seemed really kind of lost, just immersed in his book, so I figured that he wouldn’t bother me at all.  And then I was curious about his book, so we started talking.”

“Anyway, there was this weird promotion going on in the dining hall, where you could take free individual bags of Doritos.  They were advertising some new flavor or something.  So I asked her to help me carry some up to my room.”

“Getting asked to help steal food is a new one, I’ll admit that!  So I helped him.  And along the way, we ended up agreeing to get together for a movie night.”

“So Doritos helped bring us together!”

Tell me, how did the two of you meet?

“I’ll admit it, I was super inexperienced.  I basically kept on trying to talk to her the whole first week of orientation, and her friend kept on pulling her away.”

“I thought he liked me, but I had always been taught to never make the first move!  Plus, you know, new school and everything.  I was really shy.”

“We were hanging out together, but I never made that move.  Finally, one day, we were sitting in my room, and I actually asked permission!  I turned to her, next to me, and asked, ‘Can I kiss you?’, just like that!”

“I said yes, but in my head I was screaming, finally!!”

“I believe my first words, after the kiss, were, ‘So there!’, like I had proved something!  I’m still a little embarrassed by that.”

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