I’m moving!

That’s right!  Not that the blog is moving, but I am moving, out in the real world!  The physical world.  The world outside the internet.

I’m not moving far – just across town – but most of my stuff is currently stored away in boxes.  I’ve got approximately 48 hours to move the contents of a two bedroom apartment, packed into the space of a one bedroom apartment, into a different apartment.

I feel like I’ve been saying the word apartment too much.  Apartment. A part mint.  Like an entire building – but only part of it.

You might be able to tell that my thoughts are a little scattered at the moment.

In any case, the thrilling final parts of The Amateur’s Guide to the Apocalypse will return next week – and normal blog posts will be up on Wednesday and Friday, as usual.  But for tomorrow, I’ll be suffering as I haul crap across town.

And you lot need to suffer too!  Take a break, go back and read a few of my old posts.

Moving.  Ugh.

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