My latest novel is LIVE and for sale – for just 99 cents!

Hey there, reader!  Do you like stories with comedy, drama, angels, sassy female heroines, and the end of the world?

What am I saying, of course you do.  Who in the world wouldn’t like such an amazing sounding story?

Well, now you can read the very story I described above, all for just 99 cents!  And you know that it will be good, because I wrote it!

Check out my latest book, Apocalypse Before Coffee, by clicking the picture of my book above!  It’s for sale on Amazon, and it’s only 99 cents, or free to borrow and read if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

Seriously, give it a look.  It includes a plucky female heroine, a rather sarcastic angelic guardian, sneaking into Hell via the back entrance (located in the DMV), multiple celestial beings getting pepper-sprayed (it’s nothing they don’t deserve), people nearly vomiting from inter-planar travel, a climactic showdown for the fate of the entire Earth, and spiky demonic toilets.

And if that doesn’t describe the perfect novel, well, I don’t know what you want.

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