Planning: An Amateur’s Guide to the Apocalypse [AGttA]

Author’s note: I’m not yet done with my current novel (Apocalypse Before Coffee, coming soon!), but I’m already plotting out my next story.  I’m starting with a working title:

An Amateur’s Guide to the Apocalypse

The book is going to be divided up into several chapters, each one built around a different “survival tip” for the Apocalypse, the Biblical end of the world!  The main story, however, will follow a single character, a young man, as he attempts to journal his continued existence as the world comes crumbling down around him.

Ten essential steps to surviving the Apocalypse:

  1. Remain calm.  Take stock of your surroundings.
  2. Gather supplies.
  3. Search for other survivors.
  4. Keep clear and open communications.
  5. Learn as much as possible.
  6. Formulate a long-term plan.
  7. Remain positive.
  8. Adapt to setbacks.
  9. Don’t lose hope.
  10. Find what makes you happy.
The book will be split into ten smaller sections, each one based around one of these ten steps.  The rest of the story will be in the form of a journal, kept by the main character, Quinn, as he attempts to stick to his ten ‘easy steps’ – or, at least, survive!

Unfortunately for Quinn, surviving the Apocalypse isn’t quite as easy as the ten-step survival guide makes it sound…

I plan on writing many of these chapters as blog posts, so stay tuned for more information – coming soon!

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