Book 44 of 52: "The Map of Chaos" by Felix J. Palma

It’s book 3 of the Map trilogy!  Book 1 was the Map of the Sky, book 2 was the Map of Time, and now we’re back for one last wild ride with book 3, the Map of Chaos!

This third installment is definitely a good bit more complex than the previous two, but the plot is also more refined.  Our protagonist is once again Gilliam Murray (or is it Montgomery Gilmore?), the man who, in the last couple of books, has mucked about with time travel, fallen in love, and even helped fight off Martians.  We also get a return of our angry, irascible little hero H. G. Wells, once again dragged into the mix against his will.
Confession: I’m currently reading another steampunk fantasy series (Mark Hodder’s Burton & Swinbourne adventures), and it’s tough not to make comparisons between the two.  On one hand, Palma’s trilogy is a bit lighter and less dense – which makes it easier to read, but a little more fluffy.  There are most definitely fewer total characters, although that can make it easier to track.

It’s a good read, and a good conclusion – but it’s worth reading all 3 of these books together, without much break between them, or details are sure to be forgotten.

Time to read: 4-5 hours.

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