Book 39 of 52: "1632", by Eric Flint

Ever dreamed of going back in time, maybe with a .45 caliber pistol to help smooth things over with the natives?  Well, in “1632”, an entire town of West Virginia hillbillies is magically/mystically teleported back to the middle of Europe, in the titular year, right in the middle of the 30 Years’ War.

How’s it happen?  There’s a brief little science explanation, but the “how” doesn’t really matter.  No, what truly matters is what happens next – and that’s four hundred pages of good ol’fashioned American ass kicking.
Reading “1632” makes me think of a favorite Reddit sub-forum (or subreddit), known as Humanity Fuck Yeah.  This forum features all sorts of stories about humans being awesome, stories which often have an ending so satisfying that I can’t help but cheer and pump my fist in the air.  Awesome heroes triumph over villains through firepower, courage, and daring!  Democracy kicks the ass of those cruel and vicious monarchs!

I’ve read “1632” before, but I’ve never managed to make it all the way through the series that it launches, with the following books including 1633, 1634: The Baltic War, 1634: The Galileo Affair, and many more.  This time, though, I’m willing to give it another chance.

Occasionally dense with history and politics, but with enough action to make up for it, 1632 is definitely a must-read for lovers of alternate history.  Up next?  The sequels!

Time to read: About 8 hours.

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