Book 37 of 52: "Mystery of the Blue Train" by Agatha Christie

More Agatha Christie!  Probably a quarter of all the books in my 52 Book Challenge for this year so far have been AC novels.  They’re just always so engaging, while still being a great way to unwind after a long day, sitting in bed with just a night light turned on.

Like many others, “Mystery of the Blue Train” is a Hercule Poirot mystery, although, as is often the case, the eponymous detective is not truly the main character.  Instead, the story revolves around Katherine Grey, a young but level-headed heroine who, upon coming into a large sum of money, sets off to see the world.  But scarcely is she away before she finds herself involved in murder!
Of course, there’s a whole host of suspects, including a husband set on divorce and on a downslide towards poverty, an American millionaire, a seductive French dancer, and an earnest secretary.  And, as always, I couldn’t guess the murderer by the end of the story.

One of these days, Agatha, I’ll have you figured out!

Until then, however, I’ll always enjoy another Christie novel.  The use of other characters as the main focus, instead of Poirot himself, is always refreshing.  Instead of being stuck inside the same man’s head for 43 different novels, we get different takes on the little egg-headed detective, seeing him through different lenses.

Time to read: 3 hours.  Pretty typical.

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