Book 34 of 52: "They Came to Baghdad" by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie.  It’s a name synonymous with mystery.

But this isn’t really a mystery novel.

It’s much more of an action-filled spy novel, with a mystery serving as a minor plot element.

And that’s a very good thing, in my opinion.
“They Came to Baghdad” features a mysterious meeting between heads of state being planned to happen, well, in Baghdad.  But powerful, shadowy forces want to disrupt this meeting, and they’re willing to kill in order to make sure it all falls apart.

Those shadowy forces might have succeeded – if it weren’t for one young, lovestruck woman, who decides to chase her new flame to Baghdad, and finds herself embroiled in the middle of this devious and twisting plot.

I’ve come to really appreciate Agatha Christie stories.  They always start out slow, but build in such a compelling manner that I just can’t put them down.  “They Came to Baghdad” was no exception, and I might even consider purchasing this one for myself.  Very good!

Time to read: 1 day.  I couldn’t stop!

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