Book 31 of 52: "Dead Girls Don’t Wear Diamonds" by Nancy Martin

So this book is #2 in the Blackbird Sisters mystery series, a light-hearted series about a former member of high society who, now broke after her parents fled the country with their millions to evade taxes, now has to get by with a working job as a society columnist.  If this sounds like the setup to a lighthearted mystery series, well, you’re absolutely correct.

These books are not deep literary masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but they are fun to pick up on a warm sunny afternoon and read outside.  When I want something that’s light and doesn’t require much deep thought, books like these are great.
In “Dead Girls Don’t Wear Diamonds,” our heroine goes to a party, hosted by the father of her ex-boyfriend to celebrate his nomination as Secretary of Transportation.  The ex-boyfriend is married to a kleptomaniac young woman, who, by the end of the party, has turned up dead in their pool.


I’m already forgetting some of the plot, but it’s a good little exploration of various crazy high-society folks and their hangers-on.  We get a little heat between the main character and her boyfriend Mick, but there’s no real sex – just enough hints to keep us hooked and wanting them to get together.

I’ll pick up the next one, but I’m in no rush.

Time to read: 2 hours.

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