Book 26 of 52: "Top Secret 21" by Janet Evanovich

Sometimes, I can’t believe a few facts about Janet Evanovich:

1. This woman has written over twenty books starring a single character, and in all of those books, that main character still has not advanced significantly in any of her personal relationships.
2. Somehow, this woman is able to write a two hundred and fifty page book that feels like it’s all fluff and can be read through in an afternoon.
3. They’re all bestsellers.
4. I have read all of them…

Doesn’t that seem crazy to anyone else?

In any case, Evanovich’s latest offering, Top Secret 21, has one of main character Stephanie Plum’s two boyfriends, a mysterious dark-skinned Latino man named Ranger, under siege by some unknown attacker, who uses poison to take out the man’s whole building.  Ranger, of course, doesn’t even seem bothered, but Plum takes the worry for him.

At the same time, Plum is chasing down a high-value bond who jumped bail – but all of her suspects and connections keep on turning up dead!  This seems more annoying rather than terrifying, perhaps given how many dead bodies, just in sheer numbers, our heroine has stumbled across during her last score of novels.

In the end, of course, everything resolves wonderfully.  Evanovich may be incredibly formulaic, but that formula certainly seems to be working for her!

I’m just glad that these bestsellers pop up at the library, given how quickly I chew through them.

Time to read: 2 hours.

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