Book 5 of 52: "Towards Zero" by Agatha Christie

If you’re not seeing a picture of the book above, tell me…

There’s a reason why Agatha Christie is one of the best-selling mystery writers of all time.

Every time I pick up one of her books, I expect something quaint, slow, and old-fashioned, something that won’t ever manage to hold my attention in this modern era, where I can see a serial killer go on a rampage and eventually be captured in under an hour on television.  Next to that level of action, how can I ever care about the dull little murder in some small English village?

Every time I pick up one of Agatha Christie’s books, this is what I expect.

And every time, I’m amazed by how deftly she weaves together a plot that keeps me guessing up until the last few pages.

In this book, we follow a group of wealthy urbanites as they take a retreat out to a chateau on the side of a lake, where they grew up.  The primary source of tension in this retreat is due to the fact that not only has wealthy Nevile Strange decided to bring his second wife along – but he’s also invited his first wife there as well!  It’s a recipe that’s guaranteed to cause tension, and there’s plenty – even before a murder knocks off the matron of the house, and everyone becomes a suspect.

Our detective, Superintendent Battle, goes about investigating in his usual mild British manner, but the more he digs in, the stranger things become.  In the end, I was certain I knew who the murderer was, as did everyone else – and then twist!

Of course, I won’t reveal that twist here.  If you want to know, well, click the book above to get to Amazon, and read it for yourself!

Time to read: 2 hours.  I can do a Christie book a day.

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