The Next Big Thing in Video Games

The Prompt: Come up with the most outlandish “next big thing” in video games – and then sell it!

Read on to see my take on the industry’s newest darling…

The Game: Tax Simulator 2015

The user fills out tax forms, completing “simulated” tax forms for the IRS, calculating deductions, adding columns, translating figures, converting from decimal to percent and back, and determining the best forms to use for any tax situation.

As a further boost to revenue, users can pay InterLife, the studio behind Tax Simulator 2015, to complete their own real-life tax forms!  Their tax details are added in to the bank of random simulated details, and are completed by users.  The results are uploaded back to InterLife and aggregated to provide tax completion data for the users.

The Investor Pitch: By both diversifying the aggregate revenue stream and repurposing existing tech for new income generation opportunities, InterLife will create multiple opportunities to conquer both the gaming and tax preparation markets.

The Consumer Pitch: Find out what it’s like to spend an exciting day in the life of the coolest person in your life – your tax preparer!

Remember how your father always told you to be an accountant, how it was one of the best money-making professions?  “People always need accountants,” he would say.  Now, you can see what you are missing out on, by doing taxes yourself!

Get real-life experience in completing the most devastating mental assaults that the IRS can create!  Gain real-life experience while completing daily challenges, earn Tax Gold (TM) for bonus activities, and interact with a thriving online community!

Tax Simulator 2015, coming soon!  Pre-order the Alpha Version now, and get your first month’s subscription for free, plus a chance to order custom day-one DLC!

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