Let’s Take A Walk

“So listen, I’ve been thinking, and I think I know what we need.”

“What, like a new coffee table?  Mine has a lot of stains, since you keep on forgetting to put down a coaster.”

“Nah, dude, not like that.  I mean what we need as a race!  As part of humanity!”

“Ugh, one of these again…”

“I promise that it’s really good.”

“…fine.  Okay, tell me.  What do we, as members of the human race, need?”

“We need something to tell us when we’re almost there!”

“…what.  You mean like GPS?”

“No!  Well, kind of.  But for tasks!  Goals!  Achievements in our lives!”

“I’m really feeling lost here.”

“Okay, well, think about this.  Haven’t you ever wanted to become a best-selling author?  Or a famous actor?  You know, some big dream like that?”

“Of course I have!  Everyone has.”

“Well, so why’d you give it up?”

“I mean, I dunno.  It’s tough, isn’t it?  You try and you try, and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere.  Eventually, you just stop.”

“Yeah, exactly!  But don’t you wonder sometimes?  What if you were almost there?”

“You mean like I was about to make the big time?”

“Yeah, exactly!  And maybe you were just one book, one gig away!  But you don’t know, because you quit before covering that last little step.”

“Ah, I see.  But if there had been a voice to tell me that I was almost there-“

“Then you would have pushed through, and you might be famous by now!  Or rich!  Or successful in life!”

“Hey!  I think I’m doing okay in life!”

“Oh, okay, sure, but not amazing, right?  Because we give up too fast!  So we need someone to tell us that we’re almost there!”

“Or even better, a progress bar.”

“No, not a progress – actually, wait, hold on.  That does work better.”

“So it’s agreed.  We need a progress bar for all of our goals in life.  I’ll draw up the paperwork so that we can submit it to God for his signature.”

“Come on, dude, you don’t have to be sarcastic about it.”

“I’m just saying – it’s a cool thought, but it’s not just magically gonna happen.”

“Whatever.  I thought it was creative.  Anyway, it’s getting chilly out.  We should probably turn around.”

“But what if we’re almost there??”

“Almost where?”

“I dunno.  Whatever our walk goal is.”

“Just for that, I’m not gonna use a coaster on your coffee table tonight.”

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