Ask Jackson Galaxy!

Do you recognize this man?  His name is Jackson Galaxy, and he is a part-time musician and full-time Cat Whisperer on the Animal Planet show, My Cat From Hell!  The editorial staff, here at Missing Brains, would love his input on several pressing topics of cat ownership that we have prepared here.

Yes, he IS the Cat Daddy.

  • Dear Cat Whisperer, my cat won’t eat his cheeseburger.  Are there certain toppings that he dislikes?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, my cat insists on creeping into my room and whispering to me at night.  How do I make him stop?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, I met an amazing guy on a date last night.  But when he came back to my house and saw my seven feline roommates, he turned tail and fled.  Should I call him right away or wait the customary day?

  • Cats.  Why?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, my cat insists on bringing me dead animals – birds, mice, etc.  How do I get him to bring me my ex-wife?
  • For removing unwanted cat hair, should I use wax, Nair, or a razor?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, my cat has the cutest little mask on his face like a bandit!  He also has lovely dark rings on his tail.  How do I discourage him from digging through my trash?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, my boyfriend keeps texting me how he wants to “punish my kitty.”  Why does he want to hurt Snuggles?
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, I think I’m not going to wait to call him.  I’m sure he loves me!
  • Dear Cat Whisperer, I’ve heard stories of cats gnawing off people’s faces.  Is there a flavor they especially crave?  Can I get a new, better face afterward?
  • How do I improve my cat’s grammar?
On behalf of the editorial board here at Missing Brains, we look forward to Mr. Galaxy’s responses!

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