Brainstorming – Princesses

Author’s note: This is a brainstorming post.  It will make no clear sense, most likely.  But I need somewhere to write my ideas down and get them in order!

Meridia is a normal person, she likes to believe.  She’s off at college, taking classes, casting dreamy eyes towards the princes who are practicing fencing on the green during the morning between scurrying from building to building.

Now, she knows that most people are destined to remain normal, to end up marrying a baker, a miller, a farmer, or an investment banker.  You know, normal lives.  However, for a few lucky girls, those who have the perfect combination of luck, talent, and work ethic, they transform – into princesses!  These girls, perfect in every way, grow up to marry the princes, taking their pick of the cream of the crop of men and living a charmed life.

Obviously, everyone wants to be a princess.

No one’s quite sure why some young adults, seemingly no different at childhood from everyone else, become these paragons of beauty and grace.  There are plenty of geneticists, psychologists, and anthropologists studying the princesses, searching for a root cause, something for which rich parents could pay lots of money in exchange for giving their child a charmed life.  Unfortunately, no one seems to be making much headway.

Now, princesses seem to have a few common, natural abilities that come with the title.  They can:

  • Communicate with small, often-furry woodland creatures.  This includes, but is not limited to, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, songbirds, skunks, foxes, rabbits, little fish, and so forth.  The animals seem to happily obey orders, although it often helps if the princess is singing…
  • Summon up dresses, ball gowns, crowns, and other princess-like accompaniments (shoes.  Lots of shoes).  No one’s quite sure where they come from.  There’s actually a decent aftermarket for items worn by princesses, and many princesses are able to make a decent second income by selling their items online.
  • Sing.  Sing with perfect, golden, dulcet tones.  They are absolutely loved by choirs.
  • Stay in relatively good shape, thin and limber, no matter how much they eat or exercise.  Something about them just makes them abnormally healthy, apparently.
  • Encourage living things to grow.  Flowers bloom with their kisses, grass sprouts up under foot.  Makes them great for gardening, horrible for clean room environments.  This only seems to work on plants, however; no healing wounds with it.
  • Have persistently good luck.  Somehow, things always seem to turn out well for them.  Several casinos in Vegas have even considered banning them, but they do bring in a lot of onlookers and admirers (who can also break into spontaneous dance numbers).
Clearly, princesses lead a fairly charmed life.  
As for Meridia, aside from some pleasant daydreams, she never really thought of being a princess.  Not that it wouldn’t be welcome, but she just never believed it would happen to her.  However, on the night before her midterms, a raven sitting on her window begins chatting with her.  Is Meridia becoming a princess?  
Or is something else happening?  All of Meridia’s windowsill plants keep dying.  Most of her clothes seem to have turned themselves into a variety of blacks.  And that annoying raven keeps on following her around, offering his sarcastic comments on everything she does.  
On one hand, a princess is a princess, and Meridia has always had her eye on Dulced, one of the top princes.  But will he go for this strange, new, offbeat princess?  Or is Meridia, despite her new changes, still going to be out of luck?

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