Spring’s Here!

“Hey guys, it’s springtime!” Fred yelled across the garage.
Sipping my coffee, gloved fingers wrapped around the mug to absorb its warmth, I glared at him. “Fred, are you crazy? It’s not even April! We still have another month of snow!” I shouted back.
Around us, several other drivers were also sending dark glances towards Fred, but he continued to wear his annoyingly foolish grin. “No, it’s the day after the equinox!” he replied. “That means that this is officially spring! Even up here!”
At the far end of the office, our dispatcher leaned out of his office. “Sorry to break up your teatime, ladies!” he called. “Snow emergency in Grand Rapids, should take you a couple hours to drive up. Get moving!”
Climbing up into the cab of my rig, I shook my head at the notion. “Short sleeves and sandals, any day now,” I said out loud as I fired up the engine. After letting the engine warm up for a few minutes, I threw the big truck into drive and followed the other snowplows out of the garage and into the frigid Minnesota tundra.   

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