Daily Challenges: Now with Expert Mode!

Lots of inspirational blogs suggest a new activity or experience to try each day.  Here at Missing Brains, we’ve upped the stakes, by adding an “Expert Mode”, worth double points!

1. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.
Expert mode: remove the handlebars.

2. Go to the library, check out a dozen books that look interesting.
Expert mode: don’t bring library card.  

3. Pay for everything with cash – no plastic!
Expert mode: change only, no bills.

4. Make some fresh, homemade cookies.  Enjoy with milk!
Expert mode: no oven mitts.  Instead, you may use two pairs of pliers.

5. Wear a fake mustache for an entire day.
Expert mode: whenever you are asked about it, you must tell them it is for “mustache rides.”

6. Make a chalk mural.
Expert mode: spray paint.

7. Read the graffiti in a public bathroom stall, searching for gems of wisdom.
Expert mode: leave your number.

8. Learn one new word a day, and use it in conversation with strangers!
Expert mode: word must be offensive.

9. Compliment someone every day, for 10 days straight.
Expert mode: make sure they can see the knife in your hand as you do so.

10. Paint your face and attend your favorite team’s sporting event.
Expert mode: other team’s colors.

All original ideas taken, without apology, from dayzeroproject.com.

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