The Stopwatch
An antique pocket watch on a gold chain.  It always displays the correct time.  When the button on top of the stopwatch is pressed, time is paused for everyone except the holder of the watch.  Time remains paused until the button is pressed a second time, at which point it immediately resumes at normal speed.
The Compass
An old mariner’s compass, built into a dark wooden box with a lid that flips open to reveal the needle.  The compass needle always points towards whatever its holder desires most.  For example, if the holder of the compass wants to find his true love, the needle will point towards that person.  If the item does not exist, the compass needle will spin erratically.  The compass does not indicate distance, although this can be approximated using triangulation. 
The Book
A slim hardcover volume, bound in aged, weathered leather.  The book shows the future course of its owner, indicating possible decision trees and their outcomes.  Because the owner may change his course of action, the book is constantly shifting to reflect the most current outcomes.  Due to the complexity of reading four-dimensional charts, it takes many years of study to be able to fully comprehend the permutations shown in the book.
The Candle
A tall, cream-colored candle, approximately nine inches tall and one and a half inches in diameter.  The bottom of the candle is wrapped in blackened iron to provide a sturdy base.  Although the candle must be lit to provide any effect, burning does not consume the candle.  When lit, the holder of the candle may call forth the spirits of the dead and commune with them.  The stronger a bond the holder of the candle has with the deceased, the more visible and coherent the summoned shade.  Although the spirits may not interact with the environment, they can converse with the holder of the candle and any others present.
The Ring
A small ring of burnished gold.  Glowing runes are visible around the band when it is heated, although the ring does not melt.  When placed on a finger, the ring makes its wearer invisible to all forms of visual detection.  However, the wearer can still be tracked by their heat signature or by sound.  The invisibility lasts until the wearer removes the ring.
The Key
A fairly large key made of antique brass, approximately six inches long, with a heart shaped loop at the end.  The key is able to open any lock; it adjusts the size of the teeth to any shape, even if the lock appears too small or too large.  The key is only able to open locks that have a keyhole; combination or biometric locks are not affected. 
The Knife
A large dagger with an eleven-inch single edged blade.  The handle is made of black stone wrapped in inlaid gold wire.  The knife is able to cut through any object without any more than slight resistance.  The cutting edge of the knife is dimensional, allowing it to even split subatomic particles if wielded with enough precision.  Very skilled users of the knife can slice along dimensional strings, opening up portals to other locations or worlds.
The Telescope
An antique brass extending telescope, roughly seven inches in length when compressed, extending out to nearly two feet.  The telescope is able to extend the user’s viewpoint by thousands of miles and is able to see through most buildings and walls.  The telescope’s view also automatically stabilizes, providing a smooth, clear, focused picture. 
The Vial
A small, semi-transparent bottle of silvered glass, sealed with a cork, small enough to fit comfortably in one hand.  Whenever the bottle is exposed to light, it slowly fills with a shining, shimmering liquid.  When consumed, this liquid heals wounds and diseases; one drop is enough to heal a cut, while a large swig can bring the imbiber back from the brink of death.  The liquid may either be drank or applied directly to the injury.  All sources of light slowly create more liquid inside the vial, although direct moonlight has been shown to be most productive.  The bottle only holds about five ounces of liquid.  Unless the liquid is consumed immediately after leaving the bottle, it loses its healing ability and evaporates.
The Pin
A straight pin, approximately three inches long, with a round head.  Although it appears to be made of bone, the pin does not bend or break, even under immense force.  Any animate being stabbed by the pin is instantly killed.  The pin may enter any part of the being’s body, as long as it penetrates.  As well as humans, plants, and animals, the pin also effectively kills trolls, golems, all forms of undead, angels and demons, and minor deities.  

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