Real Life RPG: Biology Specialization

Author’s note: I tend to daydream that the world is a video game.  In video games, characters have different classes (wizard, warrior, etc.).  Why shouldn’t people in real life?  People major/specialize in what they know best, and that is where they’d draw their abilities!

Biology general bonuses

  • Target Mastery: Biologicals – All biologists gain +10% to hit and +10% to critical against living targets.
    • Pre-med specialists can increase critical bonus to +20% against humanoid targets.
  • Affinity: Science – All biologists gain an extra 3% effect with science or technology based items, including damage and healing.
  • Evolved – All biologists gain +5% to all stats.
    • Evolution/Ecology majors gain +7% to all stats.
Biology Buffs
  • Inhuman Strength – Increases attack power by 15%.  This cannot be used in conjunction with Inhuman Speed.
  • Inhuman Speed – Increases speed by 10%.  This cannot be used in conjunction with Inhuman Strength.

Biology Attacks
  • Induce Mutation – Decreases two random stats on target by 10%-50%, value chosen randomly.  Also has a 10% chance to increase chosen stats by 10%.
    • Genetics majors only: Induce Harmful Mutation – Decreases three random stats on target by 10%-50%.
  • Devolution – Removes one random buff from the target.
    • Ecology majors only: Trait Transfer – Steals one random buff from target and applies it to caster.  
  • Enzyme Imbalance – Sabotages the target’s metabolic processes, dealing damage and slowing their movement speed by 20%.
    • Biochemistry majors only: Proteolysis – Slow effect lasts twice as long, and an extra 50% damage is dealt over 30 seconds.
  • Nervous Overload – Overwhelms the target’s nervous system, paralyzing them for 4 seconds.
    • Neuroscience majors only: Nervous Stroke – After paralysis effect fades, target’s attacks only deal 50% damage for 10 seconds.
  • Drain Life – Deals damage to the target, restoring an equivalent amount of health to the caster.
Biology Ultimate Moves
  • Genetics: Genome Rip – Transforms the nearest two enemies into mutated abominations under the caster’s control, increasing damage dealt and attack speed by 50%.  After 40 seconds, the effect fades, draining the affected enemies of power, lowering their attack speed and damage by 50% for 40 seconds and increasing their damage taken by 20%.
  • Ecology/Evolution: Apex Form – The caster becomes a force of nature, doubling attack speed and damage for 30 seconds.  During this time, 50% of all damage dealt heals the caster.
  • Biochemistry: Biomolecular Mastery – The caster is able to alter all biological materials nearby.  Biological material may be converted into health for the caster or allies, or into catabolic enzymes, which deal damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Neuroscience: Mind Control – Up to three targeted enemies are placed under the caster’s control for 45 seconds.  Any beneficial buffs or auras on the controlled enemies are copied onto the caster.

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